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Hunnington Triple Distilled Single Malt Whisky - Cask HD003 (Apera (sherry) cask)

Cask HD003 is our first release from one of our 100 litre casks and the latest release of our triple distilled single malt. It was aged five and half years in a one hundred litre Australian Apera (sherry) cask.

There are 203 500ml bottles. Its alcohol strength is 47.6%.


Bill Lark has very kindly, once again, Witten our tasting notes:

A complex nose of oak, spices and fruity toffee. Rich and clean
spirit shine through.

A delicate front palate allowing just enough time before the whisky opens up with wonderful chewy caramel reminding me of the days enjoying “Jersey” Caramels. Subtle oak notes begin to rise over the oily maltiness of the whisky before it gracefully slips into a very satisfying, long warm finish. At 5 and a half years the whisky is mature, balanced and is reminiscent of an older whisky. At 5 and a half years the whisky is a balanced joy demonstrating all the elements which go into making a great whisky.

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