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Navy Strength Gin (200ml)

The base for our Navy Strength Gin is made simply, from pure Tasmanian rainwater and organic cane sugar. After double distilling, and charcoal filtering, we vapour infuse our base with carefully chosen botanicals. The subtle flavours of locally grown pepper berry leaves, Oyster Bay pine, lemon and lavender are blended with lemon myrtle, grapefruit, juniper, coriander and liquorice root to create a uniquely Tasmanian gin experience.

Be aware, though, this is a seriously strongman at 57.5% abv.

The reason it is called "Navy Strength", so one story goes, is that the British Navy stored the gin for their officers in a barrel next to the gunpowder magazine of their ships. If the barrel broke, and the gin spilled into the gunpowder, at any less alcohol content than 57.5%,  the gunpowder wouldn't light - or so the story goes!

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