Hunnington Triple Distilled Single Malt Whisky - Cask HD026 (Apera (sherry) cask)

Cask HD026 is the latest release of our triple distilled single malt. It was aged a little over two years in a twenty  litre Australian Apera (sherry) cask.

There are only 48 500ml bottles. Its alcohol strength is 45.5%.


Beautiful clean nose gentle and sweet notes of a dark chocolate cherry ripe. Good alcohol lifting the nose to an inviting palate.

A well balanced spirit celebrating a sweet malt whisky beautifully filling the palate gently from the front building gracefully around the tongue. The middle palate is rounded off by fruit and chewy toffee gradually making its way to the back palate. The whisky speaks beautifully of a well selected sherry cask providing a welcome contribution to a balanced malt whisky.

The finish is both long and satisfying and perfectly set at 45.5%. I truly love the way Hunnington obtains a clean and elegant whisky which is also rich in character and
a great reflection of a Tasmanian Malt Whisky.

Bill Lark
18th July2022