Hunnington Triple Distilled Single Malt Whisky - Cask HD016

Cask HD016 is the latest release of our triple distilled single malt. It was aged a little over two years in a twenty seven litre Australian apera (sherry) cask.

There are only 61 500ml bottles. Its alcohol strength is 46.3%.

Once again Bill Lark very kindly wrote us some tasting notes, this is what he said:

Immediately rich with notes of chewy toffee and sweet caramel. Big bold and warm on the nose.


A delightful balance of sweet sherry notes alongside a delicious cask influence rounded out with just the right amount of oak.

The whisky builds gently across the palate with broad malty characters wrapping around the tongue providing much to think about before gently slipping into a long warm finish.

All the elements of this whisky are well balanced, rounded and full of character. Sitting beautifully at 46.3% abv.

Bill Lark
29th March 2022