RACT 100th Anniversary Single Malt Whisky and Gins

We are honoured to partner with the RACT to celebrate their 100th anniversary with a unique bottling of one of our finest casks of single malt whisky.
We have created a special limited release package that includes a 200ml flask of our finest single malt and two beautiful crystal Glencairn whisky tasting glasses, one etched with the RACT centenary logo, the other with the Hunnington logo.
The whisky itself was crafted from the finest Tasmanian barley and the pure clean rainwater that falls on our distillery roof. It was aged in a small Australian sherry cask for a little over two years.
Bill Lark has tasted the whisky and says... "the first impression of this triple distilled single malt is its beautiful buttery nougat smell that wafts up from the glass as it warms in your hands.

When you sip it and hold the spirit in your mouth for a few seconds you can feel the creaminess of the whisky before it fills your mouth with flavours of Turkish delight and toffee."

For those that prefer gin to whisky we have put together a special treat, a twin pack of our award winning vapour infused gin and our Sloe Gin which won the Trophy for Australia's best flavoured gin at the Australian Gin Awards in 2019.

Our Vapour Infused Gin is a beautiful mixture of 15 different botanicals, many from our own garden. It is a refreshing blend of juniper and citrus that works best with a simple Indian tonic water or just plain sparkling water and a slice of orange or ruby grapefruit.

The Sloe Gin is a very different sort of drink. It is made from our gin being matured over twelve months with the fruit of the Blackthorn bush. The result is a drink that is rich in flavour and can be drunk by itself, over ice or mixed with a sparkling white wine for a magical celebration.


Why a collaboration between the RACT and a distiller?

When we were approached by the RACT this is the question we asked. Why would an organisation, whose mission is about making it safer to be on Tasmanian roads, want to partnership with a distillery?

Their answer really impressed us.

The RACT wanted to support and promote one of Tasmania's iconic and growing industries but to also send out the strong message that, while responsible drinking is a pleasure for many adults it is also a privilege that brings with it serious responsibilities. One of those is not to drink and drive. To support this message the RACT have developed a new warning label that producers of alcohol may use on their products. You can see this warning label on each bottle of our RACT Centenary whisky.

 How to buy

Our RACT Centenary Whisky and Gin Twin pack will be available from the 21st March 2023 for purchase from the links below:

To  purchase our RACT Centenary Triple Distilled Single Malt Whisky click on this link -  RACT Centenary Whisky



To purchase our RACT Centenary Gin Twin Pack click on this link - RACT Gin Twin Pack



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