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Hunnington Triple Distilled Single Malt Whisky - Cask HD017

Cask HD017 is the latest release of our triple distilled single malt. It was aged a little over two years in a twenty seven litre Australian apera (sherry) cask.

There are only 65 500ml bottles. Its alcohol strength is 45.3%.

A wonderful buttery, floral nose with hints of confectionary notes shining through. Again clean and elegant.

The front of the palate and lips are instantly coated in a stunning whisky which is both bold and gentle and slowly builds across the palate while you are still licking your lips.

The whisky is complex yet no one character dominates over the other. It is clearly a well crafted whisky which has been enhanced by developing in a great cask.

This whisky sparkles on the palate and is soothing on the finish. A whisky which will stand out in any company at any time. Well done David.


Bill Lark
29th March 2022

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