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Hunnington Triple Distilled Single Malt Whisky - Cask HD002

This is our triple distilled single malt. It was aged for two years in a twenty five litre Australian sherry barrel. There are only 57 500ml bottles. Its alcohol strength is 45.3%.  

Bill Lark was kind enough to write us some tasting notes:

Warm buttered popcorn over bold notes of malted barley. Clean and soft on the nose. Hints of subtle fruits still on the tree.

A sensational creamy burst of sherry influenced malt building quickly to a big, full and rich mouthfeel rising across the palate delivering a delicious and rounded toffee note before finishing well rounded and gentle revealing a whisky bottles at the perfect strength. The finish is long, warm and very satisfying.
Another great whisky from Hunnington.

Bill Lark
18th August 2020

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